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Friday, September 24, 2010

Come and join us in person or in spirit and prayer

This week we moved from summer to fall.  Weather was a bit cooler.  We welcome the change in the seasons as we welcome the changes in our lives.  As our daily lives continue to change with new challenges, joys and opportunities we must also adapt to these  changes.  How do we adapt to these unknown changes that come without us being able to prepare?  By renewing daily our faith, reading daily the Gospels' and with daily prayer and reflection we keep our souls fed.  Without this nourishment for our souls we become lost, overwhelmed and tempted.  Though each season only comes for a while in each year, seasons of our lives can last for a day, a month, a year or a life time.
One season of our life we must embrace for a lifetime.  The season of growing in our commitment to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ in our thoughts, in our prayers, in our daily actions and words.  The example of the life of St. Francis can reach each of us.  Whether the Lord has blessed you with the talent of a person who speaks with wisdom, a person who speaks by example, a person who speaks by actions each of these are the expressions of how St. Francis lived his life.  Please join us in proclaiming the Gospel in the talent the Lord blessed you with.


  1. Great blog:My dear sisters and brothers,
    Hope you are enjoying our Missouri weather this weekend. It reminded me of the Psalm readings in our Christian Prayer for today. I know I heard thunder last night, we had rain this morning, then we had sunshine and now the soft ,warm wind is blowing; all singing God’s praise. I won’t say the S word ok.
    I was on the blog page and it is wonderful, why did it take me so long. Please go to Google, type in,

    It will come right up, first in the list and say Jefferson City Fraternity. Put a comment on the bottom of the page.
    Gail has done a great job and we need to start using it and passing it along.
    Next, don’t forget to read the introduction and a few pages of part one in our book Franciscan Prayer, it is so full of material and we will spend some time talking about it.
    Last but not least, it is time to send our annual report to National. I will be doing this by the end of March. This is also the time of year we send in our Fair Share. This is $30. for each active professed and active candidate in our group as of January 1st, so includes, Ken, Gail, Pat, Gloria and myself. Regional keeps all but $12. which goes to National. Checks are to made out to St. Clare Region.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

    Peace, Maureen

  2. I full-heartedly agree! Gail, you have done a wonderful job! The layout is very nice and I really like the tone and colors. It feels peaceful and tranquil.

    Pax et Bonum,