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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hunger for Holiness

"If you hunger for holiness, God will satisfy your longing, good measure and flowing over".
As I listen to a child pray, I imagine it to be like an angel's voice.  Simple, sincere, reverent, respectful and with complete trust.  Love that has no if's, ands or buts. 
How do we as adult's gain back that kind of prayer life after we have been exposed to so much that interrupts and removes the simplicity of what our prayer life should be. 
When we pray , does it only consists of a repetition of words that we said yesterday and the day before and the day before that.
O dearest,  dearest Lord,  you know what we need, you know what we want.  You bless us with miracles everyday according to your will, what you know is right for us.  We pray that your will be done.  We pray that we live according to your will.  We ask for only what is pleasing to you.  We thank you Lord for all are blessings.  We praise you Lord for your ultimate sacrifice. We humbly ask for forgiveness for our transgressions.
 We believe that every life has a purpose and was created by you. You love us all.  You show us that by the fact that we are.
 If we pray for wisdom, let it be only to guide others to you.  Teach us again how to pray as a child.  Fill our hearts to seek only holiness for your greater glory.  Our hearts are cold without you.  Money, power, prestige nor physical beauty can silence the yearning that each man has until they have found you.
We pray for holiness and the faith of child who's trust is in you to guide us closer to you so we can feel the warmth of being held in our Father's arms.

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  1. Our annual retreat gathered us as family to share,learn,and praise our God.Just like family picnics and reunions held all summer it reminds us we are all part of God's bigger family around the world.