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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Preaching of the Gospel by Actions

 Actions speak louder than words would be true in describing the life of Francis.  I believe he has many followers that are following his teachings without knowing of his life.  We are seeing the rebirth of something that has been long silent or hidden in the world.  For all of those who are baring the burdens and losses through the natural disasters that have been occurring there is a light that is growing brighter.  Through their losses they have found hope.  Through their grief they have found comfort and love from neighbors.  The loss of material goods has brought out the humility of accepting help from a stranger.  Through their faith they will envision a better tomorrow.  Some might say they are being born again in the likeness of their creator.  He had nowhere to lay his head.  The clothes on his back were all that he owned.  He relied on the charity of others for his daily bread.  Yes, they are living in the lifestyle of Francis but not by choice.  They are being taught what the words of the Gospels' mean but not by preachers.  Man's humanity to man, love one another, care for each other, bare one another's burdens, each of these actions have been and continue to be carried out daily by those who have listened to the word of God and put it into practice by their actions.  GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.

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